Come On Down, The Water's Fine

The recent media frenzy surrounding the Deepwater Horizon Incident has seemingly given people the impression that the entire Gulf of Mexico is one big BP branded oil slick. As a result many folks have been hesitant to visit the beach. If you are a beach lover, don’t lose out!
While some limited areas in western Gulf states were indeed severely affected, Florida’s Forgotten Coast remained unscathed.

Really, our biggest problem here comes from the continuing perceptions stirred up by doomsday reporters with nothing better to do than to stir up TV ratings.

Fact is, our beaches, bays, and rivers are as beautiful and pristine as they’ve always been. We’re thankful for that!

Our beaches are clean. The fishing is great. The seafood is as healthy and plentiful as ever. The oysters are as plump and delicious as they’ve ever been! So, if you’re looking for a beautiful wedding or a wonderful vacation, come on down! The water’s fine.

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